D&G Glasses


D&G is the ready-to-wear line from Dolce and Gabbana, a company founded in 1985. Whilst still luxurious, D&G follows a slightly more down-to-earth approach – D&G’s products are designed to be worn. And worn. And worn. Despite their increased hardiness, D&G are nevertheless still part of one of the most profitable, fashionable and luxurious brands in the entire world and their eyewear range certainly does not disappoint.

Inspired by a mix of retro chic, vintage style and 80’s glam, D&G’s glasses range is iconic and adventurous whilst also being extremely varied. The designs are not overly simplistic but yet they are simple enough to be worn every day without appearing too ostentatious.

D&G like to vary the style of their glasses and we see this very much in the eclectic mix of styles, shapes and colours that we have stocked in our collection.


High street Opticians and online opticians aren’t just into fashion; although they want to ensure that our customers look their best at all times. They are expert opticians with a keen eye on aesthetics and that’s why they provide such an extensive range of designer glasses and sunglasses to meet a multitude of needs. We know that good quality designer eyewear is hard to come by, and that’s why we’ve made a concerted effort to provide designer glasses at competitive prices.
Take a look at D&G glasses and sunglasses – we very much doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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